By Dr. Acharya P Sanjay

Honourable legendary Astrologer and founder of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Astrology Chapter, Mr. K. N. Rao, suggests every astrologer to analysis Jamini Method before giving individual predictions. He always advises his student as well as others astrologers that without applying Jamini method prediction given is only 50 percent.

He has written several important books on applied Jamini method.

Taking seven Karaka Atma Karaka. Amatya Karaka, Bhatra Karaka, Matra Karaka, Putra Karaka, Gyati Karaka and Dara Karaka are the important features of Jamini Method. Karakamsa Lagna are the special features for giving specific predictions.

There are as many as 42 Dasha-systems in Jaimini Astrology. A good many of them are not only workable, but also can be confidently depended upon for arriving at the timings of all major and important events of life. These Dasha-systems are neither 'conditional' nor horoscope-specific - that is, these can be very easily and highly advantageously used for any horoscope with a great degree of confidence, and perfectly satisfying results could be obtained quite easily.

Excepting the Dashas of the "Karaka Dasha" class - wherein the Dashas are of Signs and Planets both, These Dasha-systems basically differ from the more popularly used traditional Parashari Dasha-systems - as therein the Dashas are of Planets (and not of Signs).

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